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Our Solutions

At Solution Champs, we believe that technology is the key to solving your business challenges. With our AI tools and solutions, you can scale your business to a whole new level. Our performance-driven, result-oriented solutions promise to take your business from good to great in no time at all.

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Our cutting-edge Hospital Workflow Management system is designed to revolutionize the way hospitals operate. It helps to optimize the flow of patient registration, scheduling appointments, managing patient records, and coordinating care between departments to become seamless and easier than ever.

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Patient Remote Monitoring System:

Provide patients with personalized care and reduce their need for hospital visits with our remote patient monitoring system. It involves the use of wearable devices, sensors, and mobile apps to collect and transmit patient data to healthcare providers in real time. It enables doctors to monitor patients, track their health status, and provide timely interventions whenever necessary.

Patient Data and Predictive Analytics:

Our Patient Data and Predictive Analytics system analyze large datasets and identifies patterns and trends. It uses AI algorithms to provide insights that can be used to identify patients who are at high risk of developing certain conditions, predicts potential health outcomes, and develop personalized treatment plans.

AI-based Medical Imaging and Diagnosis:

Medical Imaging and Diagnosis technology are the future of medical diagnosis. By using advanced algorithms and machine learning, our application can analyze medical images to identify patterns and anomalies that may be missed by the human eye. It helps healthcare providers to identify and diagnose conditions more accurately, reduce the need for invasive procedures, and improve patient outcomes. Healthcare providers can provide faster and more accurate diagnoses, reducing patient stress and improving their overall experience.


We build intelligent security systems – systems that allow you to cut back on labour costs and get peace of mind from the potential disasters that can arise in your absence.

With our intelligent security system, you can rest easy knowing that your business places like malls, arenas, theatres, restaurants, and parking spots are protected from intruders, fires, and other threats. Our system is based on artificial intelligence, meaning it will automatically trigger alarms when it detects these dangers or unauthorized activity. This helps eliminate false alarms and make sure you only receive important notifications when they matter most.

And because our system is always-on, there's no need to worry about whether or not someone will be on the premises to check on things while you're away—our system works around the clock!

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Your website is a reflection of your brand. It's the first thing your customers see, and it can make or break their experience with your company. If your e-commerce site isn't optimized for usability, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to increase sales and grow your customer base. Here are 3 ways to optimize the user experience on your site:

  • Implement product recommendations: Product recommendations are an excellent way to drive sales and increase engagement with customers who may be interested in purchasing more than one product at a time.
  • Integrate a secure payment gateway: A secure payment gateway allows you to accept payments securely without having to worry about getting hacked—which means less risk for both you and your customers!
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Real Estate

We're all about making your real estate business easier, faster, and more profitable. With our state-of-the-art applications like the property listing app for buying and selling, AR/VR for an immersive experience, and predictive analysis to forecast the future market value, we want to help you get as much out of your investment as possible.

Our property listing app makes it easy to find the perfect property, with detailed information, high-quality photos, and virtual tours to help you get a real sense of each space. With just a few clicks, you can browse through a wide selection of properties and filter based on your desired location, price range, and amenities. If you're selling or renting a property, our app is the perfect platform to showcase your listing to potential buyers or renters.

AR/VR technology is revolutionizing the real estate industry by providing a new level of immersion and interactivity for property buyers and investors. With AR/VR, your potential buyers can experience a property in a more immersive and interactive way, allowing you to visualize the space and get a better sense of the layout and flow of the property.

Predictive analysis is a powerful tool that is being used to forecast the future market value of a property. It uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to identify trends and patterns in the real estate market, allowing experts to predict future market values with greater accuracy. It helps buyers and investors make informed decisions about their real estate investments.

We know that there's a lot of competition out there—and that you need a partner who can make sure your properties are getting noticed online and in person.

That's where we come in! We've got everything you need under one roof: from property management tools for landlords to predictive analysis tools so you know exactly how much of a profit you're going to make on any given deal.

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Tours & Travels

Our AI-based itinerary builder is the fastest way to build great vacation plans, ensuring that your team gets what they need while keeping you and your guests happy. An itinerary builder is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to build a customized travel schedule for you. It automatically adjusts the schedule to fit your client's needs and preferences, making sure you don't miss out on any must-see sights or experiences. You can also use the itinerary builder to create a custom tour based on your client's favourite destinations.

The AI-based itinerary builder uses machine learning and natural language processing to help you build an itinerary that aligns with your customer's goals. You'll be able to offer more personalized experiences, which will lead to higher conversion rates and more customers who are satisfied with their experience. What's more, the AI-based itinerary builder is easy to use. You can build an itinerary in just minutes—without needing any technical skills or complicated software.

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