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IT Consulting & Management Services

Easing your IT operations & helping you to focus on core competencies

IT management is a process of monitoring and governing the network, software and systems to keep the system and applications up and running seamlessly. IT environment can be on cloud or on-premises, which should be monitored continuously to maintain and increase operational efficiency. Obviously, it requires extensive efforts from an expert team like SolutionChamps to achieve it.

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Why do you need an IT consulting service?

Most business organizations and enterprises are backed by technology. Be it for communication, data management, software products and applications, IT has become a part of the business strategy and supports the business at different levels.

IT management may not be your knack or IT may not be your core, if you focus on fixing the IT management challenges, you could lose the focus on your core business.

Leaving the IT environment (software, applications, and network) unmanaged could cause security threats, unstable networks, frequent downtimes and application failures and overall an unexpected loss. Handing over your IT operations and management to experts like us could save cost, focus on your business, improve efficiency and increase security without taking your valuable time.

Our IT management services

Our IT Consulting Process



Our experienced DevOps and IT advisors get to know your requirements and do a deep analysis of your existing IT systems, software solutions, applications and network structure. After studying your processes and workflows related to the IT environment comprising of the systems mentioned above, our advisors plan a custom strategy.


With the results arrived after the deep study of your IT environment, we design the roadmap that leverages advanced technologies to optimize your infrastructure to achieve high performance and scalability and increase efficiency and productivity.


After devising the strategy we help you in implementing the solution and start watching the impact. Our team will closely monitor the performance to understand if further improvement or optimization is required. Based on the performance results, we will optimize our strategy to achieve the expected results.


As we become your IT solutions partner we will closely monitor your IT environment and will send timely reports and notifications to you and also provide on-demand dedicated support 24x7.

Why us?


Proven experience helping clients

Expert team

Our highly qualified and professional IT & DevOps team has years of proven experience helping clients from various domains & verticals and also different business sizes like small, medium and large enterprises.


We find the risk events before it becomes

Proactive Approach

We do not wait for the event to occur, we find it in advance and prevent it. As we keep monitoring your system we find the risk events before it becomes an issue and provide an appropriate solution that prevents the occurrence of the risk.


24/7 security monitoring and stable uptime

Dedicated Support

We provide stable, reliable and round the clock support to ensure high security & availability. Our priority is to ensure 24/7 security monitoring and stable uptime.


Devise strategies that address your pain points

Bespoke solutions

We understand that the same solution does not fit all businesses. So, we design bespoke solutions for you based on your needs and devise strategies that address your pain points.


Global cloud practices

Best Practices

We follow global cloud practices and use industry-standard best leading tools.

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