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Social Media Marketing

Increase awareness, capture leads, generate sales, boost ROI

The best possible way to reach your audience and convert them into potential customers is to leverage the power of social media. Millions of people around the world are connected and active in social media for different reasons but it has become one of the major platforms for sharing different forms of content. We help you to achieve greater reach and drive more sales through effective social media marketing strategy befitting for your business.

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Why do you need SMM for your business?

Social media marketing can be a great fit for small to medium sized businesses and enterprises. If you are looking to drive new sales and elevate your brand, social media is the right place to market your products and services. Social media is the right place to showcase your brand and attract your target audience. Through strategic approach we help you to enhance your online presence, reach your audience and achieve maximum conversions.

Social Media Marketing Services


A set of activities performed

Social Media Management

Social media management is a set of activities performed to introduce and establish a brand or business in the social media platforms. After understanding your business objectives we post image and text content across social media platforms based on your niche and target audience to build your audience base and create reach among them.


Organic reach

Social Media Advertising

The reach gained without spending for the content shared in the social media platform is called organic reach. The purpose of social media advertising is to gain reach, improve user engagement and achieve conversions through paid posts and ad campaigns. The content shared in the form of posters will be boosted as ads for a cost with a goal to get measurable results. Various ads will be placed to get response from the audience in the form of clicks, visits, form submissions and purchases. Social media advertising includes:

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most famous marketing channels these days. With billions of active users in Facebook it is the best channel to place your ads to reach a wider audience. We place ads to capture your target audience with attractive creatives that conveys who you are and what you are for your audience. This way we help you to attain your advertisement goal.

Ad Placements


menu Feeds Ads are placed in the feeds so that people could find your ad when they scroll their feeds.

phone_iphone Stories Ads These types of Ads will appear in the people’s stories

play_circle_outline In-Stream Ads These Ads appear in the video content viewed by users on Facebook and Instagram

search Search Ads Your audience can find these type of Ads when they search for anything on Facebook, it will appear in search results

email Message Ads These Ads appear as sponsored messages in messenger

article In-article ads This appears in Facebook mobile app as instant articles

apps Apps ads These are video ads appear as across apps

camera_alt Instagram Ads Ads are placed in the feeds so that people could find your ad when they scroll their feeds.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the top marketing channels to focus your marketing and promotions. Huge number of people are active on instagram and it has become a habit for most of the online users to check instagram for various reasons. Most importantly the engagement rate in Instagram is slightly higher than Facebook. Also, Instagram has the potential to reach your website visitors who visited your site recently and also it targets your email subscribers. Our focus for you is to run high quality ad campaigns in Instagram to generate quality traffic and expected conversions.

LinkedIn Ads

If our target is B2B, then LinkedIn is the best platform to pitch in and reach your audience. Our expertise in reaching the decision makers of the industry through strategic and well-targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns will help you to achieve decent conversions. LinkedIn is a platform for the professional community where you can increase your brand awareness, build connections and target your audience.

Our Approach


Account Setup & Research

Beginning with research and analysis to understand your business objectives, your goal for social media marketing, competitors and your audience, we formulate a befitting strategy and set up your account to kick start advertising.

Campaign Setup & Implementation

Your campaign will be setup by creating the campaign, implementing the devised strategy, targeting your audience and chosen demographics with planned call to action to drive traffic through the campaign

Campaign Optimization

Once the campaign is set up, we will monitor it continuously to watch non performing factors and remove it. Our goal is to create audience engagement through the Ad so we remove the non performing audience and add performing audience through various optimization methods.

Monitoring the analytics and reporting

As we continuously watch the performance of the ad we will generate report for our understanding and comparison on weekly or daily performance and share the reports with you.

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