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Content Marketing

Attract potential customers, achieve higher conversion

Content is a vital part of digital marketing as every aspect of digital marketing requires different forms of content. The purpose of content is to convey and convince the audience. Content marketing is an approach to produce the content that conveys the information in a convincing way and helps the audience to take profitable action. Our revenue driven content marketing strategy would help you to increase traffic and supercharge your sales.

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Content Marketing

Why do you need content marketing for your business?

Content marketing is important to plan and produce the bespoke content to educate your target audience about your brand, products and services. It creates a relationship between your brand and audience by explaining how your business solves their challenges. We create content strategy, content development and implementation to build customer loyalty, drive traffic and boost conversions.

Our Content Marketing Services


Blog content creation

Blog posting is one of the best forms of visual storytelling that emphasizes relevant information that attracts target traffic and builds brand awareness. Working with the team, our writers pick the topic that is in line with the content strategy devised for your brand or business. We understand that blogs attract organic traffic to the website, and we follow SEO practices to ensure the content is SEO friendly. Our aim is to create quality content for your audience which we do through topic specific content and keyword research.

E-books and White paper

The purpose of E-books and White paper is to capture potential customers through gated content. To read the content, the audience has to enter their contact information. Our E-book writing is supported by proper use of images and infographics to create a pleasing visual appeal. For White papers, after thorough research, we follow in depth writing which should be and highlight the to be focussed sections.


Infographic is a form of engaging digital storytelling with text content and images balanced to convey the intended information to the audience. Our writers working with graphic designers and marketing strategists create content to showcase your brand and the purpose for which the infographic is created.

Case Studies

We create case studies for you focussed on your capabilities that impact your clients and customers. Our aim is to showcase your brand potential through the case study that focuses on everything you went through to make a product or project successful from the scratch or ideation phase.

Website copy

Website copy is important to keep your website visitors engaged. After getting introduced to your brand, your audience will right away visit your website to know more about your offerings. That is why website copy is more important, as each section should convey as intended to. Our team writes website copies that carry sufficient clarification on your products and services to your customers and justify how you solve their problem through your services.

Landing Page

When you run a campaign or for any other lead generation efforts, you will redirect the prospects or leads to a landing page. A good landing page should speak of the value that your business ads to your customers. Our landing page writing comprises campaign goal, catchy headline, target keywords, persona, proof and irresistible CTA.

Our Approach


Goal setting

Beginning with understanding your business objectives, we set the goal which is taken as input for strategy.

Content strategy & Keyword Research

Based on the content channel to be targeted and the chosen goal like brand awareness, conversion, revenue boosting, customer engagement, lead generation we define the content strategy. Keyword research is an important part of the strategy in which we list the primary keywords to be used in the content based on search volume, user intent and competition.

Content creation

With a well defined content strategy our team writes quality content aimed at achieving the goal. We use the shortlisted keywords in the content and plan the keyword placements and density to make sure the content is convincing.

Content distribution

We not only write content for you, we help distribute the same in various channels / mediums. Our experienced team knows how to optimize and promote your content in various mediums.

Analyze and measure results

We always analyze our efforts, measure the results and perform optimization if required. Our goal is to help your business to grow in online presence with increasing visibility, traffic and sales.