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Marketing Automation Services

Strategic and targeted to achieve higher lead conversion through automation

Marketing automation adds more value to the business. Marketing can be only effective when we monitor our efforts and study on the analytics regularly. If you miss out on analytics the efforts taken will go vain. Marketing automation is the best way to get accurate analytics. SCT helps various clients in finding the right marketing strategy, amplify marketing activities and increase lead conversion through marketing automation.

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Why do you need marketing automation for your business?

The advent of social media has brought many changes in marketing in recent years. Social media and digital marketing has become so powerful and inevitable to take competitive advantage. As most of the businesses have started trying their hands on digital marketing it requires proper strategy to stand out in the market which requires marketing automation. We build marketing automation solutions on your marketing needs and business goals to transform your marketing operations and achieve quality leads and higher ROI.

Our marketing automation Services


Optimized Lead

Our marketing automation services can help you to stay ahead in marketing as it would be helpful for your sales team to optimize lead nurturing.

Platform Evaluation

Various marketing automation platforms are available in the market. We understand your business needs and assess which automation platform would be a right fit to achieve the expected outcome for your business.

Platform Set Up & Support

As we get to understand your requirements our experts finalize the marketing automation strategy such as SMS or CRM marketing automation and configure it so that your team could get it live and working.

Platform Integration

Our experts integrate the automation platform with CRM to make it easier to work on the information that flows between the systems. After the integration we ensure the information flow is seamless and would provide immediate support whenever required.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is vital as it is distributed across the channels when the marketing automation system is successfully set up and running. We will meet your content needs at the right time to support your marketing activities.

Demand Generation Strategies

Demand generation is a process of creating awareness of your product and services by focussing on the touch points of your potential customers. It would create lead opportunities and will also be helpful in all the phases of the lead lifecycle.

Automation Management

We provide complete support to you in managing the marketing automation process, starting with handling the leads, moving to the sales funnel and qualifying the leads for the sales team to process further.

Platforms We Work on


Oracle Eloqua



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