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Connect devices, Collect data and Convert it into smart experience

IoT brings radical changes in lives & transforms businesses. In the age of connectedness through the internet, the smart use of the data collected from the connected devices could make a great impact in the key functions of the business. As a leading IOT Software Development Company, SolutionChamps helps you to increase work efficiency and ROI through our bespoke IoT solutions that enables you to leverage smart insights arrived through the collected data.

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Why is it better to adapt IoT technology in your business?

IoT bridges the gap between the machine and man, leverages the data insights and helps to take smarter and faster decisions in the business. SolutionChamps provides end-to-end IoT development solutions to enhance your end-user experience through quality performance.

Our IoT Development Services


Strategic Implementation

IoT Consulting

Beginning with evaluating the IoT readiness of your business to the go-to-market phase, we put our proven expertise to build a stable IoT roadmap, strategy and IoT architecture and implementation for you.


On-the-go data access

IoT Mobile & Web Apps

Get the scalable IoT web and mobile applications engineered to optimize your business process and improve efficiency. We craft adaptive mobile and web applications using the latest technologies that give a competitive edge to your business.


Create Shareable experiences

IoT Wearable Apps

IoT wearable device is a bandwagon that facilitates on-the-go data access, observing the data from the environment and sending to the IoT devices. Give an exceptional shareable experience to your customers as we create comfortable user-to-device interactions through our IoT wearable apps.


Ensure seamless connectivity

IoT Testing

Along with IoT design and development we do IoT testing to assure seamless performance and proper use of functionality through rigorous testing. We provide full range IoT testing that includes interoperability, security, performance and robustness.


Visualize the actionable data sets

IoT Analytics & Data Visualization

The success of enabling IoT in your business is completely dependent on the smart use of data. With this understanding, we convert the huge chunks of raw data generated by the IoT ecosystem to actionable insights through IoT analytics and visualize the data on intuitive dashboards.


Leverage the potential of IoT

IoT Platform Integration

Connecting the data, devices, applications and platforms together across various channels is called IoT platform integration. It requires skill and expertise to integrate IoT solutions newly built for you with your existing infrastructure or application, that’s where we achieve.

Industry-Specific IoT Solutions

Healthcare - IOT Development Services



Improve the well being of patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

We build IoT applications to empower remote patient monitoring systems. It is a modern practice which increases the patient care and cuts down the healthcare delivery cost through the best use of smart devices enabled with IoT technology. The collected real time patient’s data is shared to healthcare professionals for assessment and recommendations accordingly.

Quick Disease diagnosis

With seamless patient monitoring through IoT enabled devices, healthcare professionals can diagnose the disease ahead of time based on the symptoms.

Hospital Automation

We help healthcare providers through our hospital automation system which improves productivity and increases operational efficiency. Our automation solution includes hospital inventory management and workflow management.

Retail - IOT Development Services



Give your customer a superior experience every time.

Personalized Shopping

Keeping your customers updated regarding product offers, services and discounts would help them to stay intact with you all the time. With our IoT solutions we use the data insights arrived from the customer behaviour to give them a delightful shopping experience through personalized recommendations on their phones.

Store Operations

Managing overall store activities is a huge process that pulls down your efficiency if not handled properly. Empowering your store operations with IoT solutions like automating the inventory management, staff planning, smart shelves to restock on time, and using in-store data analytics to avoid waiting time would help you to manage your store operations effortlessly.

Automated Checkouts

Customers do not prefer waiting at the checkout especially amid Covid risks. Automated checkouts ensure risk-free shopping in which the total amount of the purchase will be calculated by the IoT system from the tags attached to each item the cost will be deducted from the mobile app.


Increase profit, reduce throughput time.

Fleet Management

IoT makes fleet management easier by collecting the data through real-time tracking and sending across the devices to make quick and smarter decisions to increase operational efficiency, save time and cut costs. Real time data like location of the vehicle, running time, distance travelled, speed of the vehicle, idle time, driver’s behaviour are monitored to take key decisions and update shipment status to the customers.

Automated Maintenance

IoT devices enabled in the vehicles monitor and predict the maintenance needs of the vehicle. Automated asset maintenance avoids the sudden breakdown and cuts the unplanned costs.

Manufacturing - IOT Development Services



Convert conventional operations into optimized operations

Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management cuts down the excess cost and ensures speedy delivery. We help industries to automate their production process to experience hassle free and effective supply chain management.

Predictive Maintenance​

Waste production, down time, and accidents can cause unexpected huge losses. With the custom IoT solution you can use predictive maintenance to identify the current status of the machines using real-time sensors.

Automate Production Process

Plan, schedule and execute the production process based on the insights gained from the real-time production empowered with IoT solution

Workforce Tracking

Keep track of behaviour of the production staff on the floor in real-time to understand and recommend necessary actions to increase productivity and safety at the workplace.

Quality Assurance​

Implement IoT quality check mechanisms to inspect the product quality before it impacts. Image recognition methods to examine the quality of the product increases overall quality of the product to the market.

IoT Platforms

Azure IoT Hub

AWS IoT hub

Google Cloud










Hardware & Sensor



Raspberry Pi

Protocols & Standards









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