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NXGEN Technology AG

Next generation security management systems

On going since last 3 years


Nxgen is a comprehensive security application and alarm solution with a scalable cloud-based alarm and event management system.

Client wanted us to build a scalable cloud-based alarm and event management system for comprehensive security applications and alarm solutions for the security needs of companies, institutions and private individuals. The challenge is to build a system that connects with alarm devices, and security applications and precisely differentiates the real and fake events and prevents false alarms using Artificial Intelligence.

SCT NxGEN Project

How did we help?

We developed a security management system with cloud based alarm and event management which enables effective surveillance and high level security. The system has multiple features for the users like collecting motion clips from CCTV to convert them to alarms, view, update and remove their collection. Smart video analytics is done by AI to filter false alarms.

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