SCT Client Maptek


Maptek is an Australian based Mining Industry Solutions Provider, offering production management solutions and management information to the Mining & Metals Industry

On going since last 3 years


The client wanted us to do UX research and define the user experience for the Fleet management software and Production information software and to develop UI. The software collects the operational data across the chain and provides exact information using which decision will be taken. The challenge is to do UX research on the production and fleet management process and understand the flow to develop engaging and intuitive UI.

SCT Maptek Project

How did we help?

We started the research based on use persona, focusing on the goal of the user, expectation of the user when they use the software. Begun with observation of the production and fleet management, we had to understand the behavior of the persona then we did analysis on how the user will handle production and fleet management. Based on that we developed UI that shows exact operational data values. The UI also includes visualizing the analysis and reports from the cloud to the user through InfoManager. We have developed UI for MineSuite FleetManager which integrates with InfoManager to get connected with mobile equipment to provide real time data transmission.

UX UI Design

Web Development