SCT Client Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie

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9 Months Project


Baker McKenzie is a multinational law firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, one of the largest law firms in the world. They were looking to find a digitalized solution to enhance their staffing process such as Recruitment, Onboarding and Learning. The challenge was to digitalize the staffing process, building a tool that makes the process easier.

SCT Rooi Project

How did we help?

We have built a web application based on the requirements. The application has 4 major functionalities such as

Recruitment - Resume shortlisting, organizing the candidate profiles based on their skill set and experience, interview process and scheduling.

Onboarding - Sending offer letters and necessary documents and papers, planning and conducting induction and training sessions.

Learning - Providing adequate resources to learn and improve, initiating discussion, forums to handle queries.

Queries - Addressing queries on cases in different categories.

UX UI Design

Web Development