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SCT Client NxGEN

Capital Fund Approval Automation Application

Capital Expenditure (CapEx) mobile application

On going since last 2 years


Our client has expressed the need for a Capital Expenditure (CapEx) mobile application designed for in-depth analysis, modification, and approval of the capital expenditure fund through mobile login. Real-time synchronization ensures that any changes made on the web platform are immediately reflected in the mobile application.

SCT NxGEN Project

How did we help?

At times initiating approval requests and granting approval could be difficult. So, our client was in search of a mobile application that would seamlessly integrate with the existing web counterpart simplifying the process of approving capital expenditure allocation. Based on the client's requirements, our team has meticulously designed the CapEx mobile application.

The mobile application streamlines the intricate process of tracking and approving capital expenditures on the web. Utilizing an automated notification system, users receive timely alerts on mobile, eliminating the need for prolonged waiting times and repetitive web logins.

UX UI Design

Node Back-end

Flutter (Framework)

Mobile Front-end