SCT Client ARC

ARC Hospitals

ARC is a fertility and research centre

2 Years Project


ARC fertility and research centre is a leading fertility hospital in Asia with 27 branches in India. Being a famous hospital, ARC receives a crowd of patients every day at different branches, which turns to chaotic queues and cumbersome patient/appointment management.

So, ARC wanted us to build a hospital management system which includes appointment management, billing, pharmacy billing and EMR to reduce the chaos in patient management and also wanted us to handle the digital marketing and a call center to reach out to the patients from various parts of the country.

ARC approached us to handle appointment booking and patient engagement when there were only 4 branches in the early stage. The challenge is to set up a 24x7 call center for appointment booking and follow up.

SCT ARC Project

How did we help?

We have designed and developed a highly scalable and customizable system with multiple features according to requirements in the future.

Appointment Scheduling - Smooth appointment flow by reducing the queue

Billing - Categorized billing system to minimize the chaos

Pharmacy - Easy billing, stock and inventory management in pharmacy

EMR - Effective Electronic Medical Record system in which the medical record/file of the patients is scanned and uploaded and can be retrieved anytime in case if the patient missed the file

We helped ARC to improve patient experience through our advanced call center service by streamlining the priorities of patient care, accomplished in a seamless manner. It is an all-in-one call center that ensures patient satisfaction through quality service - appointment booking, offers and cost clarifications, streamlining the consultation process.

We have developed a custom digital campaign for ARC fertility and Research centre to have an edge in the digital presence which turns out to be one of the most successful ways to reach the patients. SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing has rendered expected results.

UX UI Design

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Business Process Services