SCT Client Six Red Marbles

Six Red Marbles

Designs and develops educational content that engages and inspires for preK–12, adult learning, higher education, or publishing.

6 Months Project


Six Red Marbles wanted us to provide meaningful e-learning content on different subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Language, Social Science, etc. Our responsibility is to provide descriptive, step-by-step solutions and explanations for the procured questions.

The challenge is to decode subject matter, using the most appropriate time tested and innovative methods, and 100% plagiarism-free solutions in keeping with the given deadline.

SCT Six Red Marbles Project

How did we help?

We have a well-versed SME team in place, well equipped and trained by maestros to provide solutions that best fit individual needs. We hired only Masters and Ph.D.’s and provided quality solutions on different subjects as required. Our experienced SME team, having deep understanding of different subjects has created flawless content that meets the criteria expected by clients.

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