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Unlock the potential of data with AI Solutions

Supercharge Your Business with AI

Every day your business generates huge chunks of customer data that can be a goldmine of information. Our AI software development services can help you make sense of this raw data by putting the data to good use.

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Nxgen is a comprehensive security application and alarm solution with a scalable cloud-based alarm and event management system.

Client wanted us to build a scalable cloud-based alarm and event management system for comprehensive security applications and alarm solutions for the security needs of companies, institutions and private individuals. The challenge is to build a system that connects with alarm devices, and security applications and precisely differentiates the real and fake events and prevents false alarms using Artificial Intelligence.

AI Development Services


Chatbot Development

Quick and Efficient Customer Service

Our chatbot development services range from simple FAQ-based chatbots to smart, self-learning AI chatbots. To reduce your operational costs drastically without compromising on customer experience, we’ll first identify your business' unique use cases and then choose the right approach to building the chatbot.


Predictive Analytics

Make Data-driven business decisions

From price forecasting to fraud detection, the possibilities of predictive analytics are endless. At SolutionChamps, we can help you make bolder business decisions by making your historical data give you the right insights using predictive analytics.


NLP Development

Train computers to understand human language

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of AI that uses machine learning techniques to train computers to read, interpret and understand human language. Our NLP machine learning solutions can help you acquire and handle unstructured data enabling you to do many things from understanding customer intent to improving overall performance.


Custom Machine Learning Solutions

Future-ready applications

Machine learning programs are transforming every industry. From medical diagnosis in healthcare to fraud detection in the finance industry,machine learning solutions offer a wide range of applications. We can create custom machine learning software for your business at an affordable price.


Computer Vision

Powerful Image Analytics

From face analysis to real-time gesture and movement recognition to image classification, we can build powerful systems that use computer vision to capture and process images and videos.

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AI Development Services by Industry

Retail and Ecommerce AI Development Services :


Inventory Planning

By using predictive analytics models, we can help your business anticipate what products, and when your customers would be buying it. It can help you avoid holding too much inventory and alleviate the risk going out of stock when there’s a huge demand.

Product Categorization

Ecommerce businesses spend a lot of time and resources in product categorization. AI systems can help in tagging and sorting items into different categories with minimal effort. Leverage the power of machine learning and computer vision to recognize and classify items.

Price Optimization

You may have a solid sales team and a good marketing strategy in place. But the price of a product is what makes or breaks a deal. Leverage the power of AI to display the most optimal price for your customers and increase your profit margin.

Customer Behaviour Prediction

Understand customer needs and preferences better and target the right audience. Track purchase behaviour and predict purchase probability by using big data and AI.

Voice Search

Voice searches have gained immense popularity in recent years. Make it convenient for your customers to find what they need in your ecommerce site by just speaking and not typing.

Visual Search

AI-powered visual Searches can eliminate language barriers and allow people to find out what they need with just a picture. Allow your customers to upload images of what they are looking for and help them find similar products in your store easily.

Manufacturing AI Development Services :


Predictive Maintenance

Avoid device damage by leveraging predictive analytics solutions to predict when a machinery requires maintenance services. Our manufacturing AI solutions can help prevent unplanned downtime and improve efficiency.

Forecast Demand and Price

Offer the most competitive price to your customers by gauging several factors and increase your profit margin. We can help you forecast raw material prices, predict demand and arrive at the most competitive price using historical data and machine learning algorithms.

Automated Quality Control

We can build AI-powered inspection tools that perform quality checks at high speed. By using computer vision and deep learning algorithms improve your product quality and identify even microscopic faults.

Process optimization

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the organization's processes. Get useful insights to analyze performance of every aspect of your business with AI solutions.

Healthcare AI Development Services :


Virtual Health Assistants

Bridge the gap between your team and patients. Virtual health assistants help reduce the workload of your medical team while at the same time offering timely, personalized experience for your patients.

AI-Powered Diagnosis

From intelligent symptom checkers to analysis of unstructured medical data, AI is already making waves in the healthcare industry. We can assist you in adapting to the early trends in healthcare.

Automate Administrative Tasks

Cut time in administrative tasks by more than a half. Our team can help you identify and automate cumbersome administrative tasks ranging from admissions to billing to creation of voice-to-text transcripts and patient-case summaries.

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