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We build powerful web apps

That turbo-charge businesses.

Get the flexibility of remotely running your business with web applications built to serve your unique needs. We use the latest web technologies to build functional, secure, modern looking, fully-scalable applications. Whether you are looking to build single page web apps or a progressive web application with state-of-the-art functionalities, our team of developers can handle it to your satisfaction, contact us for a quote.

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Tailor-made, feature-packed web apps

Custom Website Development

At SolutionChamps, we understand that different businesses have different priorities and needs. That is why we never take a one size fits all approach. We listen to your unique business requirements and design, develop web solutions that are the most apt for you. We take user experience into account on every application that we create. Our custom web development solutions are affordable, secure, easy-to-use and SEO friendly.


Functional, visually-appealing websites

Web Design and Redesign

We believe that every website deserves a responsive design, a clean layout, a good color scheme and a clear navigation at a minimum. Whether you need a website from scratch or you are looking to spruce up an existing website, we are here for you. We can boost your conversion rate and build trust among your visitors with a website design that reflects your brand.


Pleasant shopping experience for your customers

E-Commerce Website Development

Whether you want to set up a single-brand eCommerce website or a marketplace, we can help you take your business online at an affordable price. No matter what you want to sell medicines, groceries, fashion, books or even a mix of everything, get in touch with us for a feature-rich e-commerce website. Want to improve your existing eCommerce store? Get in touch for a consultation.


More control over your CMS

CMS Website Design and Development Services

Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are powerful as they allow you to manage your website without any technical knowledge. But there may be instances where you need to extend your CMS capabilities. We provide end to end CMS development solutions. Whether you want to set up a new CMS-based website or extend the capabilities of an existing site through CMS customization, we can help you by developing features that are more important to your business.

Our Process


Step 1

Understanding Your Needs

Our business representatives will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, project goals, and your competition. We would further analyze your existing system (if any) and your competitors to fully understand the end result that you are expecting.


Step 2

Defining and Designing Phase

After we understand your requirements, would discuss with you and define the scope of the project. We would then devise a plan and select our most skilled developers to achieve your goals. Next, we would design the flow and architecture.


Step 3


At this stage, we take the design and start turning them into fully-functional applications. Each module is developed based on the predetermined flow.


Step 5

Post-deployment Support and Maintenance

We commit to continual care even after the launch. Whether you need us to incorporate new features to the application or just apply some hot fixes, we are here for you.

Step 4

Testing and Deployment

We test each module using well-defined test cases to identify bugs. We also check your web application for compatibility on several devices, speed and overall functionality. We make the application live after ensuring your satisfaction.


Step 5

Post-deployment Support and Maintenance

We commit to continual care even after the launch. Whether you need us to incorporate new features to the application or just apply some hot fixes, we are here for you.


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Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Every successful project is not just a learning but also earning a relationship.

Thanks to these awesome people who entrusted us with their ideas

“SCT has played a critical role in the development of NXGEN's Alarm and Event management SaaS Platform. The SCT team has been working hard to ensure our platform exceeds our customer's expectations. The team has become an integrated part of NXGEN quickly and develop software that performs well under the high performance and demand requirements.  SCT provided an End to end ecosystem to launch complex cloud products - UX, software development, validation, ML, cloud DevOps, 24x7 customer support (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3). We highly appreciate their efforts and passion for the product.”

Yves Neuhaus Photo

Yves Neuhaus

CEO, NXGEN Technology AG

“SolutionChamps have provided UX, UI, and Web development services for Minlog's software development team for more than a year. They have provided highly skilled staff who have worked remotely and collaboratively on our product's codebase. All of the SolutionChamps team that we have worked with have shown a high level of professionalism and skill in their technical areas. SolutionChamps have allowed us to increase our software development velocity and manage short term spikes in client demands.”

James Matheson Photo

James Matheson

Software Development Manager, Minlog


Long and cost

How long will it take to develop and what is your cost?

The cost and time varies based on the project type, size and functionalities you would like to include. To know the exact timeline and cost, get in touch with our sales team..

Services provide

What web development services do you provide?

From transforming a static website to a dynamic one to website designing/redesigning, to shopping cart integrations and website maintenance, we provide end-to-end web development services.

web apps mobile friendly?

Are your web apps mobile friendly?

Absolutely yes! All our web apps solutions are responsive. We test the applications for compatibility with several devices during our testing phase.

working model

What is your working model?

Our working models are flexible. We work on models like fixed cost, time & material or dedicated remote resources based on your business requirements and project needs.

Track project everyday

Can I track how my project is progressing everyday?

Of course, we believe in complete transparency. When it comes to resources tracking and the progress of your project, you will be able to see the exact tasks that each individual resource is working on in a project management tool. You can also directly interact with the resources.

websites from scratch

Can you code websites from scratch?

Of course, we can code websites from scratch. Please get in touch with your preferred programming language and project requirements and we’ll be happy to serve you.

Contract sign

Do I have to sign a written contract before you start working?

Yes, one of our representatives and one of your representatives/decision-makers will be signing a contract/non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This is to make sure that the project development scope is clearly laid out and that both the parties know the obligations, responsibilities and terms and conditions.