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SCT Client NxGEN

Online Job Portal Development

Advanced job portal for job seekers & employers

On going since last 1.5 years


In line with our client’s specific requirements, we have developed a scalable job portal that prioritizes delivering an exceptional user experience for both job seekers in search of the ideal company and employers looking for the best candidates. The primary challenge is to ensure a smooth operation without encountering any difficulties.

SCT Fobes Project

How did we help?

Our team conducted a comprehensive User Experience (UX) research phase to gain deep insight into user preferences and pain points. With the help of these insights, we proceeded with a dynamic brainstorming session to generate creative ideas and develop potential features.

The outcome of this collaborative process was the identification and development of a set of distinctive feature that brings our product as expected by our client. We have consistently ensured to incorporate all the essential features required to create a comprehensive and fully functional job portal.

UX UI Design

Web Development