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DevOps Services

Fast-track development by leveraging our Devops services

At SolutionChamps Technologies, we offer smart devops services that will help you get your products quickly to the market. Beat the competition by transforming the way your development team works. Leverage devops practices such as continuous delivery to speed up the software development life cycle.

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Seamlessly Integrate and Deliver

CI/CD Services

Continuous integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery(CD) are industry standards for detecting problems in the early stages of the project and releasing software updates seamlessly. Our Devops experts use continuous integration tools such as Jenkins and Docker to build, package, and test applications in automated ways to improve the overall outcome of the project.


Infracture that scales as you grow

Infrastructure Management

Cloud computing is no longer just a trend, it is the way forward. A cloud infrastructure is the basic building block for your organization. At SolutionChamps, our experienced devops experts can assess your current infrastructure, design a roadmap for revamping the processes and build a fully automated environment that is secure as well as scalable.


Increase organizational agility

Configuration Management

Our devops experts can help you automate, monitor, design and manage tedious manual configuration devops processes.From code management to platform automation to configuring a single tool to manage all the environments, our team can help you increase your organizational agility by identifying and implementing system-wide configuration needs, scaling the system as you grow and perform configuration audit.


Improved code quality and integration

Code Inspection & Integration

Code quality is at the heart of continuous integration. You can spot bugs easily and lower maintenance burden by code inspections. Our experienced devops engineers are here to ensure quality builds. From setting up the environment for continuous integration to working with your team and improving code quality and verifying deployment artifacts we are here to serve.


Free Up your team from repetitive tasks

DevOps Automation Service

From provisioning and configuring the servers to setting up the firewalls to setting up the environment and maintenance and upgrades, our devops automation engineers are here to support you in all stages of the project lifecycle. We have helped companies be more efficient and agile by identifying and automating various stages of operations. Our goal is to facilitate continuous integration, continuous delivery and by automating tedious tasks to ensure a more stable environment.


Stop wasting computing resources


Eliminate last minute bottlenecks without wasting computing resources through virtualization. We ensure more agility, flexibility, and scalability throughout the development phase, by enabling the developers and other IT teams to utilize a virtual instance that computes the same way as the real-time environment. No matter your virtualization needs - server virtualization, network virtualization, desktop virtualization or operating system virtualization, we have the right time to set it up for you.

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Our DevOps Approach

We start by carefully assessing your needs and choosing the best practises to speed up your development cycle. From picking up the right devops tools to automating infrastructure and streamlining operations, we can create an action plan and set up a friction-free operational environment.


Assessment & Planning

We assess your requirements and deep-dive into understanding the existing infrastructure, architecture, and processes. Next, we create a roadmap for improvement and create a plan to build the infrastructure.

Automated the Infrastructure

After the assessment and planning phase, we begin provisioning and configuring build servers, testing, staging, and production environments. We pick the right tools and use devops practises that are just right for your organizational needs. Automated provisioning, configuration, and control of the test and production environments and maintenance helps you alleviate human error.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Our continuous integration and deployment strategies are geared towards creating an agile work environment. Our devops engineers can help you prevent merge conflicts and set up processes in place so that it is easy to identify and fix bugs early in the development lifecycle.

Stronger Security

We can help with integrating strong security practices from the early stages of software development. By automating security tests and compliance processes you help you safeguard the entire development cycles from code vulnerabilities and operational weaknesses.