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Evolution of Customer Service an imperative factor for successful business

Customer service is the heart of the business. In the competitive market scenario, taking a competitive edge requires an uncompromising customer satisfaction. Success in customer retention and increase in customer acquisition depends on the customer service value delivered by the business. Unquestionably, the efforts, time and money invested to deliver effective service to the customers will help enable you to be exceptionally good in the competition, improving your brand reputation.

The present age customer service has come much better. By taking advantage of the technological advancements, leading businesses deliver incredible customer service. Gone are the days when customers must have to visit the store locations to get the required support / service. The famous, successful businesses and giants in the market provide 24/7 support to their customers through arious channels to deliver satisfaction that keeps them intact with the business.

Evolution of Customer Experience


Pre telephone and telephonic Era

In the beginning days, in the pre-telephone era, there were limited service in which customers could get their service only in the store open hours. The invention of telephone in the year 1876 has become a milestone in customer service. In 1960s call center services mushroomed slowly, agencies focused on resolving issues and giving required support to the customers during day time between 9am to 5pm. It increased the efficiency of the service delivered and a greater number of customers get attracted to the businesses that delivered required support in an efficient way

Toll Free

A great change has come in the customer service industry when the 1-800 toll free number was introduced, through which the connecting to the appropriate support person has become faster. Customers need not wait for some mediator to connect to the call center executive.


Rise of Internet

In 1990s there is a drastic change and quantum leap in the customer service industry through the birth of Internet. Soon, Internet has become one of the major and easy channels for the businesses to reach, acquire and retain the customers through marketing, promotion, service and support. Email and chat support have connected the business and their customers personally.


Remote Desktop Support

The continuous improvement of technologies led to development of remote desktop support in late 2000 s. Customers receive support from customer service agents and give access to their computer machines to get the issues resolved.


Rise of Social Media

Since 2008, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has took a hold of the time of people as tight as than expected. As businesses see the millions of customers are active in social media, finding it as a better way to influence the customers, they started using it as yet another channel or marketing and promotion. At present social media has become one of the primary channels to provide customercentric customer service.


Advanced Technologies

At the present time, with the dawn of mobile apps, self-service kiosks supported by latest technologies, chatbots and AI, customer service is not a tough game to handle. Together with technologies, we can provide excellent customer service on any day, at any time of the day, through any channel.

Corporate giants like Amazon, Google, Apple, LG, Starbucks, Verizon, FedEx, Etc. are the great examples of being successful by bringing customer service to the forefront. They innovate and incorporate latest technologies to enhance the experience of their customer. They find solutions that solves customer equation and satisfies their expectation.


From pre telephonic era to this day, customer service has come a long way with various advancements and changes in strategy but the impulse is delivering exceptional customer service that makes their lives easier. Customer service becomes effective when it is not just a task but becomes the important part of the livelihood.

No matter how a company defines success, customer service is one of the imperative factors for a successful business. It can provide tremendous results if done appropriately.